1973 Chili Skillet Stew

This weekend, most of the country fell back an hour. At our house, we fell back about 100 years, our heat went out. It could have been that the clocks repeating their 2:00am hour created some sort of rift in the time-space continuum. The most boring (and most likely) explanation is that our heater is … Continue reading 1973 Chili Skillet Stew


1980 Microwave Taco Salad

Oh boy, microwave cooking. I use my microwave for one thing: Microwave popcorn (can't shake the habit, and I don't wanna). So when I was instructed to put a pound of ground beef and an entire onion in the microwave, I shuddered. The microwave oven was created in 1947, but didn't become affordable and popular … Continue reading 1980 Microwave Taco Salad