1965 Christmas Wreaths

It's holiday treat season, and luckily I nabbed this Cedar Rapids Symphony of Holiday Cooking cookbook from Czech Village Antiques that I'll be using for the rest of December! Last week, my husband and I took a wonderful trip to Decorah, Iowa. After some unseasonably warm temperatures (55°F in December in Iowa?!), the dipping mercury and … Continue reading 1965 Christmas Wreaths


Sweet Potato Surprise

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! It's a day when my weekly binge-a-thon is not only pardoned, but encouraged. Aunties pushing buttery carbs into my outstretched arms is a thing of dreams. Iowa Thanksgivings are filled with the traditional American Thanksgiving fare, except there are a million times more Jell-O "salads." Iowa Thanksgivings are special not only because … Continue reading Sweet Potato Surprise

1973 Chili Skillet Stew

This weekend, most of the country fell back an hour. At our house, we fell back about 100 years, our heat went out. It could have been that the clocks repeating their 2:00am hour created some sort of rift in the time-space continuum. The most boring (and most likely) explanation is that our heater is … Continue reading 1973 Chili Skillet Stew

Black Magic Cupcakes

Happy Halloween, everyone!! It's the best time of year for fans of the paranormal like me. In honor of the sp00ooo0OOky holiday, I've written about a local haunted history legend and my experiences. If you hate ghost stories and local lore, skip down to the recipe for the 1979 Black Magic Cupcakes I made for … Continue reading Black Magic Cupcakes

Homemade Sauerkraut

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of learning how to make sauerkraut along with a dozen other students at the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library for the 'Kraut it out loud' sauerkraut making class. Historically, sauerkraut has been an important source of vitamin C, vitamin K, and good-gut bacteria for those in Central and … Continue reading Homemade Sauerkraut

1964 Applemint Ripple Ice Cream

One of my favorite fall activities is visiting the local apple orchards and sipping on cider and binging on doughnuts. Apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and local farms have become so much more than the fare they sell. They're community gathering places where kids can safely explore some green space, folks can learn about small-scale farming, … Continue reading 1964 Applemint Ripple Ice Cream

1980 Microwave Taco Salad

Oh boy, microwave cooking. I use my microwave for one thing: Microwave popcorn (can't shake the habit, and I don't wanna). So when I was instructed to put a pound of ground beef and an entire onion in the microwave, I shuddered. The microwave oven was created in 1947, but didn't become affordable and popular … Continue reading 1980 Microwave Taco Salad