Potato Chip Cookies

You know that craving you get on a Sunday night for something that's just terribly decadent and awful for your physical health but a balm for your emotional wellbeing? Just me? I was flipping through a newly acquired cookbook, "C.S.A. Cooking Treasures (from coast to coast)" searching for something that would fit the bill. That's … Continue reading Potato Chip Cookies


Old-Fashioned Tomato Soup

The Old-Fashioned Tomato Soup recipe comes from the book, "The American Gothic Cookbook" compiled by Joan Liffring-Zug Bourret from 2003. The book is made up of recipes from Grant Wood's family, friends, fans, colleagues, and the man himself. The book is a result of two out of print books, The American Gothic Cookbook from 1979 and Recipes … Continue reading Old-Fashioned Tomato Soup

1965 Cheese Ball

With the exception of an aspic or gelatin, I don't know what is more mid-century than a ball of cheese. That's what I whipped up this week for a friends holiday party. This season, there are so many delicious sweet treats made by bakers much better than me, and I tend to overindulge. Having a … Continue reading 1965 Cheese Ball

1965 Pralines

Welp, here is the second most stressful recipe I've made for this blog. I'm a stranger to candy making, so a vintage recipe written by a grandma who overestimated my talent wasn't the best resource. But that challenge is one of the reasons why we love retro recipes, right? This weekend I hosted a treat … Continue reading 1965 Pralines

1965 Christmas Wreaths

It's holiday treat season, and luckily I nabbed this Cedar Rapids Symphony of Holiday Cooking cookbook from Czech Village Antiques that I'll be using for the rest of December! Last week, my husband and I took a wonderful trip to Decorah, Iowa. After some unseasonably warm temperatures (55°F in December in Iowa?!), the dipping mercury and … Continue reading 1965 Christmas Wreaths

Sweet Potato Surprise

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! It's a day when my weekly binge-a-thon is not only pardoned, but encouraged. Aunties pushing buttery carbs into my outstretched arms is a thing of dreams. Iowa Thanksgivings are filled with the traditional American Thanksgiving fare, except there are a million times more Jell-O "salads." Iowa Thanksgivings are special not only because … Continue reading Sweet Potato Surprise

1973 Chili Skillet Stew

This weekend, most of the country fell back an hour. At our house, we fell back about 100 years, our heat went out. It could have been that the clocks repeating their 2:00am hour created some sort of rift in the time-space continuum. The most boring (and most likely) explanation is that our heater is … Continue reading 1973 Chili Skillet Stew